What kind of random fact are you?

Random facts are what our entire stories are made of. Where you were born: random fact. Who you date: random fact. How many times you blink on average: random fact.

BTW: On average, a person blinks 16 times per minute.

It are these random facts that make us who we are and contribute to what we believe. I have plenty of them:

  • I am terrified of ticks– the whole concept of this insect just freaks me out
  • I hope to own a cabin in Colorado one day
  • The last 10 books I have read are going to be or have been made into a movie

Now, maybe those aren’t the kind of facts that impact my values and what I stand for… but they are simple things that still make me into who I am.

Wanna know another random fact? Chewing gym is illegal in Singapore. This fact alone sends me into a frenzy every time I think about it. I chew gum almost every day and can’t imagine being thrown into jail for creating minty fresh breath.

Any way, what is important is that we take all of our random facts and we embrace them. I recently found myself in a situation where I was holding back from truly being myself, afraid that I wouldn’t be “liked” if I didn’t play it “cool.”

I would like to blame past relationships for this… thinking that every day I had to be something that I wasn’t so the guy would like me. However, in the end, the person I can only truly blame is myself. For whatever length of time, I let myself think that simply being myself wasn’t enough. And to be honest, now I know that this isn’t true.

I am an awesome collection of random facts. 


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