Oh, aging…

“I am not young enough to know everything”

-Oscar Wilde

This week I turn another year older. That spiffy little thing hung on my wall called a “calendar” refuses to let me believe that I will stay young forever. Now, don’t think that I am calling myself old, I realize that I am far from it. However, the continuous “jokes” that my roommate keeps making about me being an old woman are really starting to get repetitive.

Although completely terried that one day I will actually be old and my skin will start sagging, I’m looking forward to aging. As good ol’ Oscar stated so elegantly: I am no longer young enough to know everything.

And I like this.

When I was younger I swore I knew better than any of my superiors, believing I was just “more mature” than everybody else my age. While this still may actually be true, I am now well aware that I do not know everything and never will. Experience is the true source of knowledge, and it is impossible to truly experience everything. To quote Oscar again:

“Nothing that is worth knowing can be taught”

With this I raise my hand in the air (straight up Jersey Shore style) and say “Bring it on, Life!”

Bring on the fun, the fear, the love, and the stress. Bring on the new experiences that will allow me to learn. You can even bring on the hurt and anxiety, because it is a culmination of all of these experiences that only makes me a more interesting person.

And while I believe myself to be pretty interesting already, I’m sure I will only be so much better as one year older. I just have one request, Life, and that is you at least give me a few more years before the skin starts sagging.



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