Worth a thousand words

You are beautiful. You make me happy.  Your jokes are hilarious.

If you know me well you have heard my  speech on women and the philosophy of  how I believe it is easy to keep them happy. And by “know,” I mean “have  had a beer with me.”

What people don’t know is that,  although I claim this theory, I am truly  a fake. There are plenty of other people  who have said similar things as myself. Communications theorists have thought of complicated terms to say what I have always been saying. Professionals have spent thousands of man hours testing, asking, hypothesizing. What I have simply done is taken the man hours they have exuded and my own common sense to put together a simple philosophy.

My idea doesn’t apply only to women. In fact, the same thoughts that I provide on a frequent, drunken philosophical debate can be applied to really anyone who experiences emotion. These ideas are based on the simple fact that people have insecure thoughts and prefer to surround themselves around people who make them feel good. Even the most confident people in the world have only become that way because they have been surrounded by people who have provided some type of reinforcement that allows them to be sure of themselves.

So, you want to be in a healthy relationship? Then work on making the person that you are with feel Important. Special. Beautiful.

Complimenting a person that you care about once a day can instill positive feelings that will create a resounding effect. In fact, researchers say that for every negative thing that you say to a person, they will need to hear five positive things to counterbalance the negative.

That’s a lot of compliments!

In the end, all I am trying to say is simple:

How hard can it really be to compliment the person that you care about? Five seconds of your time isn’t very long! So, make it a habit every day to tell the person you care about that they are wonderful. And, if you don’t believe me then believe the professionals. They’re the people who said it first.


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