You know you judge

Judgement can be a cruel cruel thing. However, it’s easy for me to say that with a sober mentality. Give me a few drinks and I have been known to pass a quick judgement or twelve every now and then. In fact, after a few glasses of wine I have often considered myself a professional opinion leader in a slew of topics that I frankly know nothing about. Thankfully, nobody has ever been fooled by this part time entrepreneurship because I usually follow any judgements with a sincerely positive remark that counteracts the negative.

“She should not be wearing that shirt. But she’s so pretty that you don’t even notice that it’s 3 sizes too small.”

My point? It’s physically impossible to stop judging. Every day you create opinions based on what you observe.

Your goal? Try to create a habit out of observing for a longer period of time before settling on one judgement. I’m wrong ALL OF THE TIME. But, at least I can admit it. (Well at least I can admit it to the cyber world that reads this blog. To any men I have ever dated… I AM NEVER WRONG AND KNOW EVERYTHING).

Just do everyone a favor and try not to judge too quickly. It clearly could have helped these people if they had listened to my advice.


One thought on “You know you judge

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