Here a grudge, there a grudge

I have a grudge. In fact, I would tell you what my grudge is about, but I have had it for so long that I, frankly, can’t even remember.

Most people I know can relate to the previous statement. Some don’t even realize that they even have a chip on their shoulder. They proceed in their lives with negative outlooks, cynical thoughts, etc. At times the grudge that people hold will manifest as fear, hesitancy or insecurity. Maybe they have even put up walls of defense to help prevent from being hurt.

For example, I spoke with somebody today who has recently met a woman and the first words out of his mouth involved doubt. “I don’t know,” he said. “I’m just waiting to find out what is the matter with her.” This doubt is an exact manifestation of the inability to let go of a previous experience.  But what we need to understand is that holding onto these experiences only prevents us from living our lives to their fullest potential.

Your higher intelligence knows that you don’t need to ache, even when you insist that you must. What you need to understand is that suffering is something that you picked up by mistake and that what you really want is to stop thinking about yourself.

Letting go is natural

Humans are problem solvers. Leaky faucet? I’ll fix it. Work catastrophe? Go into crisis mode. Terrible first date? Text my friend to call with an “emergency.”

Letting go is the natural solution to the grudge that you are holding. The truth is that you have probably held onto this grudge for so long that the idea of thinking any other way can be fearful. However, what you must realize is that these fears, as real as they seem to you, are not you.

In fact, Guy Finley said it best when he stated, “Unhappiness does not come to you, it comes from you.”


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