Eh, who needs a new year’s resolution?

I have never followed through on a new years resolution. To this day I am unsure if this has to do with a lack of motivation or a wandering sense of accomplishment. However, knowing that I have a pretty terrible track record, I have already started to think about my goals for 2012 in hopes that this will increase my success rate…

2012 Resolution # 1: Start buying lottery tickets at a luckier store

2012 Resolution # 2: I will try and figure out why I need 5 different email addresses

2012 Resolution # 3: Stop drinking orange juice right after I brush my teeth

2012 Resolution # 4: Spend less than $2,137 at Starbucks in a year

So, what’s preventing me from accomplishing these resolutions?

2012 Resolution Inhibitor # 1: I don’t buy lottery tickets… ever

2012 Resolution Inhibitor # 2: It seems that every year I set up another email address, convinced that it is completely necessary

2012 Resolution Inhibitor # 3: Until I have had my caffeine, I will never remember to drink the OJ before I brush

2012 Resolution Inhibitor # 4: Did you not hear about my OJ issue?

Eh, maybe I’ll have better luck in 2013…


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