I am thankful for my hero

The word hero has been used in many forms:

  • Comic book superheroes.
  • Enrique Igelsias’ lyrics “I can be your hero baby…”
  • NBC’s hit television series Heroes
  • Sprint and HTC’s phone, Hero

What do each of these things have in common?

They all imply someone or something that is admired for its noble qualities. We applaud these heros (phone aside) for their bravery and courage. However, none of them  truly depict what a hero really is. 

The true hero is flawed. The test of a champion is not whether he can triumph, but whether he can overcome obstacles– preferably of his own making– in order to triumph.

Spiderman would not have been so popular if he did not have his own flaws. NBC’s television series would not have been viewed by millions if the characters themselves did not make mistakes.

A hero without a flaw is of no interest to an audience or to the universe.

This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for my hero. I am grateful for every mistake they have ever made and every flaw that they possess. Through these mistakes my hero has shown that even the imperfect can make an impact on the world before us.

Yes, this Thanksgiving, I am thankful for my superhero: my dad. He is an imperfect, wonderful man who is only short of a kick ass costume to help him fight crime.


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