A personal invite to my mountain cabin

Now, that is a serious goldfish with some serious “ups.” In fact, looking at it sore through the air so effortlessly makes me wish I had spent more time at the gym this morning. Ironic how such a simple picture can inspire me to work so much harder.

Finding the inspiration needed to achieve your goals is what it all comes down to. However, determining what really inspires can be the troubling part. Every day we are faced with uncontrollable factors that will throw wrenches into our plans.

Case and point, while working on beefing up my savings account (my ultimate goal) I was thrown for a loop when forced to be admitted into the hospital. No worries, everything is fine and I will survive. However, the several day stay has placed a significant dent into that $$ amount, and I have once again started from where I began.

What am I saving for? Why do I work so hard to earn the money that fills my bank account?

This beautiful cabin in the mountains is something that I hope to own and is the image that drives me on a day to day to basis. Because of this picture, I am a goal chasing monster.

Many of us have convinced ourselves that compromise is necessary to achieve our goals, that all of our goals are not attainable so we should eliminate the extraneous, prioritize our desires, and accept less than the moon.

Don’t you see? It doesn’t matter what your inspiration is, as long as you have one. The sheer idea of believing in yourself will enable you to achieve any goal you could ever imagine.

So, what happens if I never get that cabin in the mountains?

I’m sorry, did you not listen to what I just said? I am a goal chasing monster! Please be expecting my personal invite to a house warming party in 2018.


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