A lost art

I’m hoping that you have taken some previous advice that I dispensed in a post about the art of complimenting. It was pretty simple, right?

Now that I have full confidence in your abilities to speak your mind and tell your significant other how wonderful they are, I am going to take my advice to the next level. But first, I have to ask — Do you still know how to write with a pen on paper?

In today’s technological age the skill of putting the ink to the scribe has become a lost art. If you can’t write it in 140 characters with an “LOL” and an emoticon, most people won’t even take the time. In fact, I have now become so used to this form of communication that I find myself struggling when reading anything longer than the 140 character limit.

However, the emotional weight that a handwritten letter can have is completely indispensable and should never become extinct. (This should not be confused for a few trends of the 90’s that have thankfully disappeared, like butterfly hair clips, belly shirts and jean overalls).

My solution to prevent this extinction that also favors the depleting attention span of the 21st century?

140 character long handwritten notes.

Simple. Effective. Brilliant.

To be featured in my next post: A tutorial on how to mail a letter. (I know you forgot how to address an envelope).


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