Excess or Access?

I have recently been inspired by a friend of mine who has been eliminating extra costs to her monthly budget in order to save money.



Fancy Blackberry?




To most people, the thought of cutting these things out of our lives seem physically and mentally impossible. Without cable how could you watch your favorite shows? No fancy phone? How on earth could you stay connected to the world AT ALL TIMES? And don’t even get most people started on terminating their Facebook account. The idea of not being able to stalk our friends (or more importantly, the people who are not our friends) seems completely irrational.

However, all of these things are exactly just that… things, serving no direct purpose of helping us tap into our fullest potential.

Screw the fact that my friend will save an exorbitant amount of money each month (not to mention lower her blood pressure- my cable costs $120 a month and sends me into a panic every time I get the bill). The real question is what will happen to my friend now that she has cut these things from her life?

By eliminating the excess we are truly able to access our fullest potential. (See what I did there?)

How about we put it this way: The next time you are watching the latest episode of Jersey Shore ask yourself, “What am I not doing right now that could enable me to be a better person?”

Because in the end, what will matter is not how well you can quote Pauly, but the impact that you left on the world you will eventually leave behind.


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