My future self is pretty dang smart

CNN recently posted an article that reported on findings from a survey they conducted involving 1,200 older Americans regarding the advice they would offer to members of the younger generation. Participants ranged in age from 60 to 108 (average age was 74– but I’m still impressed bu the 108 year old) and represented a geographically and economically diverse sample of the older population.

The surveys addressed the question: what mistakes should younger people avoid? Respondents were also asked their views on what people are most likely to regret when they get to the end of life.

So according to our future selves, what are the biggest mistakes us younger generation are making?

1. Putting too high a priority on money

“Don’t make money number one for everything. You need money, and that’s fine, but it can’t be your be-all and your end-all. You’ve got to spend time with your family and not spend every hour on the job and never be home.”

2. Getting into debt

“They should avoid spending money they don’t have. Wait until you can afford to buy something before you buy it. Debt only makes your life more difficult.”

3. Worrying too much

“Worry wastes your life and never solved anything. So don’t.”

4. Excessive drinking and drugs

“For one thing, stay away from smoking; stay away from drugs; stay away from too much alcohol.”

5. Rushing into marriage before you’re ready

“Well, nowadays there are so many divorces, and I think they should be more careful about their decisions to get married. I mean, they should think at the beginning, is this going to be for a lifetime?”

6. Passing up opportunities

“The lesson I learned is that it really pays to say yes unless you’ve got a really solid reason to say no. Life is an adventure, but to take advantage of it, you have to say yes to things.”

Do you have any advice that you wish you could provide to a public ear? Feel free to comment here and lets discuss. Who knows, maybe your idea can serve as a guest post in the future!


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