To be great, practice like Michael Jordan

With the arrival of the new year I found myself scrambling to work at becoming the exact person I believe I am meant to be.



Devout Christian?


Good friend?


Don’t forget to add to the list German linguist, basketball referee, realtor and blog writer.

By the time I tried to take a step back and evaluate how I was doing on all my personas, I realized that I wasn’t becoming very good at any of them at all. By spreading myself so thin I was inhibiting my ability at truly being anything.

Change can never happen over night. In fact, true change is something that is learned through repetitive practice. You know, the kind of practice it must have taken Michael Jordan to be the athlete that he was.

Now, my new years resolution is not to be a better volunteer, Christian, friend, etc., but to master the art of practice.

Yes, through the art of practice I will spend every day working at becoming the Michael Jordan version of myself that I know I can be. Because you know what they say… practice makes perfect.


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