2 plus 2 will always equal 5

What if I told you that 2+2=5? Would you believe me?

Most people use the reference of “2+2=4” to symbolize the understanding of a fact. When you take two of something, add another two to what you have, then you inevitably have 4 of that thing. This is fact- data that can be proven over and over and over again. Even the scientific method supports this through continuous experiments that support the hypothesis.

However, in life, we do not always hold the luxury of experimental design that results in repetitive trials. Sure, you can make an observation and ask questions. Finding answers to those questions may even allow you to form some kind of hypothesis that will guide you through future similar experiences.

I have not been able to successfully draft a mathematical equation for the situations that life has dealt me. In fact, I have spent many years drawing incorrect conclusions and assumptions from previous situations that have led me down to the path of experimental design failure.

So what are my scientific conclusions? If you refer to the “Methods” section of my thesis you would simply see that there is no such thing as a flawless design. My experiment could never be perfectly replicated and neither could yours.

This utterly unique attribute to every individual’s method is the direct attribute of what makes life so frustratingly beautiful.

I have never been very good at science. I also haven’t taken a math class since I was 18. But what I do know about the equation to life is that no matter how you spin it: 2+2 will always equal 5.


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