You say that life isn’t fair, I say it’s a fairytale

Once upon a time you believed in fairytales. You dreamed as big as you could imagine – envisioning prince charming, a white horse and happily ever after.

In your fairytale you were successful. Your life was everything that you could have ever hoped for and more.

However, eventually you experienced some form of injustice and felt disappointment. Cheated and angry, you slowly began to feel your fairytale slip from your grasp.

It was probably somewhere around this time when somebody confided in you, “Life isn’t always fair.”

This oh-so-popular saying, over the years, has been uttered as a means to “motivate” people into accepting their recent injustice as merely a speed bump in life and to march forth. However, when simply evaluating the quote, it is potentially the most pessimistic piece of encouragement I have ever heard.

Life isn’t always fair.

Reading that sentence alone invokes little encouragement and rather sends me to a state of depression where only my sweats and a Lifetime movie belong.

And isn’t this where the general mentality of our culture has headed? Pessimistic and cautious, we are continuously hesitant to dream of the possibilities. Life has taught us to fear the potential in order to prevent disappointment. Somewhere along the road of life we stopped dreaming of fairytales and started anticipating life to happen.

What the popular slogan should say is not simply, “Life isn’t always fair,” but rather, “Life isn’t always fair, as long as we continue to see it this way.”

I believe that my life IS a fairytale and what I continue to remember is that the princess never had it all right away. Snow White lived with dwarves before meeting her prince. Cinderella talked to the rats in her broom closet before a pumpkin turned into a chariot. Rapunzel was locked in a tower before she found the source of the flying lanterns.

In fact, in every fairytale, we must travel with the princess through the peaks and valleys of her story before her Once Upon a Time dream is a reality. Fairytales are a journey, a story of emotional twists and turns that enable us to appreciate the Happily Ever After.

And for those who do not believe me when I say that my life is a fairytale, despite all of the valleys that I may experience… well, don’t worry, some day you will be old enough to start reading fairytales again.



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