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Want to know? Then ask!

Back in 2011 I wrote a post that discussed how passing judgement is part of the human nature. It is engraved in your every being to fully understand a situation as part of your comprehension. Think about it. Assumption is an instinct. And even if you don’t want to assume, you still work at thinking … Continue reading

A lost art

I’m hoping that you have taken some previous advice that I dispensed in a post about the art of complimenting. It was pretty simple, right? Now that I have full confidence in your abilities to speak your mind and tell your significant other how wonderful they are, I am going to take my advice to … Continue reading

I am thankful for my hero

The word hero has been used in many forms: Comic book superheroes. Enrique Igelsias’ lyrics “I can be your hero baby…” NBC’s hit television series Heroes Sprint and HTC’s phone, Hero What do each of these things have in common? They all imply someone or something that is admired for its noble qualities. We applaud these heros (phone aside) for … Continue reading

Worth a thousand words

You are beautiful. You make me happy.  Your jokes are hilarious. If you know me well you have heard my  speech on women and the philosophy of  how I believe it is easy to keep them happy. And by “know,” I mean “have  had a beer with me.” What people don’t know is that,  although … Continue reading